It’s time to get a phone service for your business. Don’t buy expensive equipment or a bundle from firms that want you to buy what’s best for them, not what’s best for you And by all means, don’t overpay. Choose DeepBlueSea and take advantage of our remarkable, reliable, worry-free telephone platform. All at a price that will make you feel that you’ve made a very smart decision. Because in fact, you have.

If your business has multiple locations you know the drill.  You overpay for telephony and then overpay again for high-speed broadband plus you must deal with multiple companies and multiple invoices every month. You might say it’s an expensive mess. But now there’s a better alternative with DeepBlueSea. We provide all the voice and data you need for all of your locations with one consolidated bill each month, one company to call for everything plus a dedicated account manager who is truly accountable to you. Our customers love our white glove service. This means someone who can help you troubleshoot your account, make changes or additions plus get you the kind of custom reporting you need to run your business more profitably. On the other hand, some of our customers want the option to manage their phone and data services internally. Our remarkable platform helps companies do just that too.

DeepBlueSea serves ten of thousands of customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. All of our North American plans offer unlimited calling to the US and Canada plus our international rates are so low you’ll be amazed. We also offer the flexibility of bulk, low-cost minute plans that can be customized in any number of ways. It’s your choice, but bottom line DeepBlueSea lets you achieve greater control over your telephone service and your high-speed broadband service too. With no waste. No calling abuse. And no surprises.

Here are four ways DeepBlueSea can help you today.

  1. You can save money. For any organization, saving up to half on your monthly telephone and broadband costs can be a big deal. We can help you do that now.
  2. You can make money on telephony. Turn your telecom expenses into a profit center by buying low and then reselling voice and data at a profit to your other locations.
  3. Get voice and data that fits an agile cloud-based model. Move, add or change your service with ease. Then add other cloud based services anytime you want them.
  4. You will achieve cost certainty. That means complete control over telephone and broadband charges every month with no overages and no surprises. Ever.

If this sounds good, DeepBlueSea might be right for you. Sea for yourself.

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