Why Business Phone Service Is Ripe For Disruption

If you’ve ever purchased business phone service it’s pretty clear that it is a broken model. You have to buy a package you don’t want, purchase equipment you don’t need and sign a long-term contract that puts the entire financial burden on you. Why? Here’s one explanation. Most business phone companies have invested billions in old legacy systems, in outdated equipment and in high cost employees. What you are seeing is a model that’s good for these legacy businesses, but probably not for you and your business.

How Smart Thinking, The Internet and Some Excellent Software Made All This Possible

As entrepreneurs we knew a lot about technology and communications. We‘ve spent the last 8 years building and perfecting a platform that can deliver telephone services efficiently and dependably anywhere in the world. Our platform works with almost 100% reliability. And our private network integrates with the best routing options for every call. At DeepBlueSea we use smart software, technology and Internet calling (VoIP) to deliver the best and most efficient telephone experience for our customers.

Everything You Need To Save Money On Phone Service

When it comes right down to it here’s why.