Be In Control Of Your Entire Enterprise Wide Telephone Service

With DeepBlueSea you can have better control of your enterprise phone service. Control means that you will have predictable, low costs for every location within your company. You can monitor the calling patterns and behavior for every phone line, store, branch or office. You can control what kind of phone services each location has. You can manage billing centrally instead of having to review and pay hundreds or thousands of phone bills every month. This kind of control will result in a more efficient operation and a very positive impact on your business results. Look at it this way. We’re pretty certain that your company’s email server is managed from one central location. It makes sense that your phone service should be managed that way too.

Save Money Or Turn Phone Service Into A Profit Center

You can look at cost savings in two ways. For an organization that wants to save money, DeepBlueSea is right there with you. We can save you a lot. Or, if you flip the equation, these cost savings can result in a new profit center.  Pocket the savings and turn the telephony component of your operation into a new way of making money each month. Say for example you run a franchise organization. You can sell telephone services to your franchisees at a low cost and at the same time develop a new profit center that goes straight to your bottom line.




Move, Add Or Change Lines In Minutes

Let’s face it, if you use a traditional telephone company the process of adding or changing a phone line can take weeks or even months. This may not seem like much of a problem unless your need to activate a line immediately, add a special number for a promotion, react to a disaster or emergency, or decide to close a branch. With DeepBlueSea you can move, add or change any line in minutes. There’s no wasted time, no wasted money and the assurance that the numbers you own are helping to build your business, not detract from it.

Works With Your Existing Equipment Too

If your company has a PBX or virtual PBX you’ll be glad to know that DeepBlueSea fits right in. It’s fully compatible with just about any PBX, any IP phone and any softphone out there.