Companies with multiple locations have found DeepBlueSea particularly appealing. Let’s consider franchises for example. With millions of people in the U.S. working for franchise organizations and by definition franchises having multiple locations, this seems like a natural fit. Here are five reasons why franchisees like us.

  1. Most franchises have not consolidated their telephone services. This is a major missed opportunity.
  2. Even those enterprises that have adopted VoIP continue to get phone service from a variety of sources . DeepBlueSea fixes this immediately.
  3. DeepBlueSea works with VoIP as well as with conventional wire line systems. There’s no need to buy new equipment to enjoy the advantages of DeepBlueSea.
  4. Companies are under constant pressure to reduce costs and telephony is one line item that often is overlooked. Some larger companies can save millions of dollars with DeepBlueSea. That can be a big deal.
  5. Time is money. It certainly takes fewer people, less time and far less expense to manage enterprise-wide telephony service with DeepBlueSea.

In terms of franchise types, these are the top ten kinds of franchise organizations that can benefit from DeepBlueSea today.


  • restaurantsQuick Service Restaurants
  • personal-servicesPersonal Services
  • retail-productsRetail Products and Services
  • business-servicesBusiness Services
  • real-estateReal Estate
  • foodRetail Food Operations
  • commercialCommercial and Residential Services
  • full-service-restoFull Service Restaurants
  • automotiveAutomotive
  • lodgingLodging

All of these types of organizations rely on phone service to help their business thrive. That’s why DeepBlueSea is such a natural fit for franchises now.