Whether you need business class DSL line, MPLS, or metro Ethernet, we’ve got you covered. As a 20 year Internet Service Provider and a member of FISPA (Federation of Internet Service Providers of the Americas) DeepBlueSea can provision bandwidth anywhere in the US or Canada.  What’s more, we’ll make sure your service is flexible and ready to quickly scale up or down as your business evolves. With DeepBlueSea there’s no equipment to buy and no unnecessary bundles to commit to for years.  This should save your firm money today and for years to come.

Secure Web Hosting

We’ve securely hosted web sites efficiently and reliably for nearly 20 years.  We provide low cost domains and a multitude of bandwidth and e-mail options.  Our hosting platform is highly scalable and can accommodate whatever traffic your site has.  All of our hosted sites have redundant back-up to eliminate a single point of failure and provide even greater reliability.

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Cloud-based storage

We realize you have many options for cloud-based storage.  Why choose the DeepBlueSea cloud?  For starters, we’ve been doing cloud services for nearly 20 years. When you choose our cloud to store or back-up your critical data, you’re taking advantage of our years of experience and our demonstrated proven reliability.  Get peace of mind via our disaster recovery and back-up services.  All your critical data will be securely stored on our redundant network of servers.  Back-up plans start at just a few dollars per month and it is simple and easy to set up your back up and store all your data.

Virtualization and Colocation Services

Desktop Virtualization

Today’s agile business environment demands an infrastructure that can quickly support the changing desktop application and data access needs of workers.  Hot-desking, telecommuting, and distributed workforces have forced business owners to reevaluate the way they deliver computing power to their employees.  Many workers today need desktop access on their smartphones, tablets and laptops, no matter where they are.

Our desktop virtualization solution allows you to rapidly provision and deploy user desktops via a cloud-like service accessible on any device, anywhere.

Server Virtualization

Purchasing and managing your own server is so 1999.  In recent years, many of our customers have moved to virtualized servers, so they have no hardware to buy, no updates to make plus they save money on electric and cooling.  Virtualized servers give you all the power and flexibility of their hardware-based counterparts minus the headaches.  Whatever you need to host on a server, be it e-mail, a development environment, or applications, why not move it to our cloud?


Colocation is often used in the data industry to mean off-site data storage, usually in an additional (colocated) data center. Think of colocation as data insurance. It’s important for all businesses these days since the loss of data can be critical to operating effectively.  An unexpected loss in data can result from fires, earthquakes, floods, or any sort of natural disaster.  Our colocation service rates are among the lowest in the industry, the peace of mind you’ll get from colocation is invaluable.