Surveillance Cameras with Hosted Video Archiving

Whether you’re looking for added security, store traffic monitoring, or protection from liability and law suits, we’re here to help.  Our myriad of solutions includes:

  • Visible or “Hidden in Plain Site” cameras
  • Weatherproof outdoor cameras
  • Cameras with sound
  • Cloud based back up and retrieval

Having a back-up with us makes economic and business sense. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote today.

Hosted Access Control

Access control makes you look more professional plus it adds greatly to your security. It also provides an excellent means for tracking the comings and goings of your workforce.  Since our access control solutions are managed securely in the cloud, adding new users or deleting existing ones takes seconds.  Simply log on to our secure web site, make your changes, and the change you just made on the web is reflected real-time in your location.  Multi-location support is a breeze, too. Your DeepBlueSea dashboard gives you all the tools you need to monitor and make changes any time.


access white-01


Hosted Digital Signage

Hosted digital signage from DeepBlueSea is a simply incredible tool most small businesses never have considered.  Your content is hosted in the cloud and runs based on your instructions.  Simply upload your messaging and graphics, and then decide whether you want to show that information perpetually or as part of a rotation with other messaging you can add.  If you’ve got a waiting room, a storefront or even a restroom that you control, hosted digital signage is an acceptable way to advertise your best side.

Cellular Data Backup

If your Internet service goes down, you simply cannot afford for your POS, credit card processing and other critical systems to go with them.  That’s why we offer a cellular data back-up option.  If your main Internet connection goes down, we’ll give you an instant hot cut-over to our redundant 3G or 4G data back-up.  This critical back-up system will ensure that your transaction processing systems run uninterrupted in the event of an Internet outage.