Move your existing phone numbers to DeepBlueSea with ease. It’s free to port your numbers plus DeepBlueSea offers HD voice quality that is clear and static-free. DeepBlueSea has all the calling features you will need to run your business better:  unlimited calling to the US and Canada, incredibly low international rates, a comprehensive voicemail system and the ability to add or delete any line instantly.  What’s more? If you’re worried about abuse or fraud, the DeepBlueSea service easily blocks international or other toll calls on any lines you specify. With DeepBlueSea you will get great value and better control of your entire telephone service.


DeepBlueSea provides new phone numbers anywhere in North America and in more than 85 countries.  Want a toll free number? We’ve got them in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, plus many other popular toll-free calling countries.

Hosted PBX

What business doesn’t need an auto-attendant?  Even if it’s just for after-hours, your company will look a lot more established with a professional-sounding greeting and route-to-department options.  A PBX works great for situations where your callers speak multiple languages too.  The DeepBlueSea hosted PBX solution offers unlimited menu options, multiple routing configurations, and it even greets inbound callers by name based on their caller ID.

PBX Round-01


Virtual Conference Bridge

Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, chances are there are times when you all need to be on a call together.  We make this simple and inexpensive.  Add one or more virtual conference rooms to your DeepBlueSea service, and you can securely connect up to 100 employees on the same call at once.  For each virtual conference room you order, we’ll give you a dedicated dial-in number aligned with your own PIN (Personal Identification Number).  Once set-up, the bridge is available 24/7 for all your team.

Control all your lines from one secure web interface

Our comprehensive control panel is one of the most compelling features of DeepBlueSea.  From this central place you can easily and instantly:

  • Add or subtract lines
  • Redirect or forward lines (especially handy for after-hours, or in response to a disaster or emergency)
  • View call history by line or by location
  • Add or modify permissions on each line or location when you need to remove international calling capability from a line or lines.  You can even restrict outbound calls to the immediate geographic area.
  • View intuitive reports showing usage by line or by location or for your entire enterprise.

The DeepBlueSea control panel is web-based and mobile-friendly, so you can monitor your enterprise phone system from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


web interface-01

Our Solution Is Backed By World Class Customer Support

Professional installation

Our professional network of certified installers operates in all 50 states and throughout Canada.  With their expert touch, all your locations will be up and running quickly and without delay or problems. Many of our technicians have been working with us for many years and they know their stuff.  We believe that the customer is always right. What this means is that our installation services will be right for you. Everytime.

24/7 Support

Our aim is to give all of our customers a “white glove” level of service.  That means a dedicated representative you can contact directly plus a team of support engineers to help resolve any issues swiftly.  All of our support staff are English-speaking employees working from our offices. In most cases your call will be answered by one of our employees within a few rings without the agonizing hold times we all hate. And of course our customer support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.